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About Donna Steben

Let Nature's Spirit Guide You

I have always considered myself a New Englander based purely on the fact I was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts. I spent my time visiting family there for many years, however, I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland as an only child with my mother.

I am now living in Adamstown, Maryland - a little bit country and very convenient to wonderful cities. My daughter and granddaughter live around the corner. I feel blessed to have such a special bond with them.

I love playing in my flower gardens (I certainly cannot call this working in the garden) and preparing special habitats for the birds, rabbits and butterflies. I have a sheltie and four parrots that also enjoy the beautiful mountain views along with the most magnificent sunsets.

I have received all of my education since 12th grade from life and the experiences that come with day-to-day living. I do not feel any of my knowledge or visions can be taught. I see my life as a gift from God.

The gifts in nature and from nature have been my most precious clues to walk my path this lifetime. We seem to handle the good times in life with family and friends, however the sad times can feel very lonely. This is when I have had the greatest growth and the best relationship with Mother Nature and all that she offers and teaches us.

I worked for a rental/hotel property for 20 years before trusting in my purpose to work with souls on a more personal level. I made the leap in 1990 and have enjoyed my life’s work ever since. My desire is to counsel, support and teach any individual who is sent my way, to walk their path feeling special and that they are never alone. Once we learn how to trust our heart, signals from our body and the signs given to us from nature, we somehow walk feeling happier and more blissful.

I am very fortunate to be doing my work from home as an intuitive counselor.

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