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Beach"To know Donna is to know light and love: She is a truly gifted and radiant Soul. For more that 10 years, Donna has guided and illuminating my way and life' path in time of great losses as well as great joy. Her reading is clear, straight and true and it is also a source of inspiration and guide for living the intuitive life. After each reading with Donna I always come away with a great feeling of peace, self-worth and control over my life. I have more insight into things I always felt may be true, and I also appreciate, understand and accept with much more peace things that happen around me and to me.

To know and work with Donna is to receive the great gift to connect with your higher-self Thank you Donna. For ever grateful ....letizia"

"It has been my privilege for more than a decade now to be able to speak regularly with Donna Steben.

With compassion and a real concern for the well being of those who seek her guidance, she devotes her rare, precious and most powerful abilities for our benefit in the identification and illumination of proper courses of action and appropriate choices.

Through most valuable insights gained in conversation with Donna, I have come closer to honoring my life’s intended purpose and personal truth; to assessing more accurately motives and circumstances that demand thoughtful consideration; and, ultimately to sustaining a firm belief in the concept of service to our higher nature and the greater order of things."

Virginia Anne Bonito, Ph.D.
Art Historian
Bronx, NY
February 24, 2009


"I am an engineer, so it took some convincing for me to go see Donna Steben. In our first session, she reported that there was going to be a change in the products that I was marketing for my company. She said I was going to move into electro-optics. Actually, I was amazed that she could correctly pronounce the term. A month or so later my boss called me in to offer me the choice of one of two new assignments: a radar product or an electro-optical product. It did not take me long to decide that I wanted the radar product as it offered a lot more visibility within the company and I told him that. I was quite impressed that Donna had gotten it pretty close that an electro-optical product was actually in the consideration even though I chose the other.

Well, imagine my surprise, when my boss, shortly thereafter, advised me that the radar product opportunity had fallen through and that he was assigning me to market the new electro-optical product.

I have been a regular client of Donna’s ever since."
Butch Hilliard

"I have been a client of Donna’s since 1994. There are several different reasons why I seek her help. The most frequent issue for me is when I have a personal dilemma: should I go this way, or that? Donna never tells me what to do, but gives me information that is useful in making my decision. Recently, I was offered a job change within the company I work. It would mean that I would be definitely outside my customary level of comfort. Donna’s comments supported my accepting the offer, and in fact, I took the job and am receiving all of the in-house support I need, and I am delighted to be in the new environment.

A second reason that I seek her guidance is that of talking with those I cannot physically speak to. This includes my brother and Dad who have passed over. There are times she tells me one or the other is resting, and there is no message. Other times, she reports comments when the message is one that only that person would have known of. I also have a situation where there is a living person who is not allowed to contact me, and I am able to know how that person is doing through Donna’s skills.

Finally, I periodically ask her what I am supposed to be learning or growing through a given situation. Her responses help my meditations, readings and search for knowledge which support my personal /spiritual growth.

Her classes have been invaluable in heightening my own intuition and ability to hear the answer to a question I send to the Universe. It should be noted that time is a man made construct, and if you ask “when will this happen?” the date given may not be exact. The season is more trustworthy, and the year better than that. This is not peculiar to Donna, but to others with her gift as well.

I would be glad to answer questions you have re: my experiences using Donna’s gifts through my email: 12190mr@hughes.net Please use Donna Steben as the subject."

Debbie Hilliard, RN, MS, CS-P
Psychiatric Nurse

"Donna is the North Star, a bright, constant light of truth to show me the way through life's wilderness. She is mind-blowingly accurate and gifted in her intuition, and I've referred many people from all walks of life to her as a result. Donna expresses her gifts and abilities with compassion, understanding, a sense of humor, and a down-to-earth practicality. Donna brings pure Spirit, light, and love to her sessions, which are always calming and quenching to the soul. Darkness cannot exist in the spiritual sanctuary her sight creates. I am so blessed and grateful to know Donna. Many times, she has been the only person who could understand or help me in different situations, and she has given me the spiritual tools to continue my personal growth. AND she's a cool, awesome person with a great dog. What more could I ask for?!"

Gen Kopel


"Donna Steben is a most benevolent and caring person. Her readings are accurate, timely, sacred and wise. She connects with high levels in the Ethereal and Soul Planes, and passes along the information she receives in a loving way. She clearly spends her energy and resources in Service to the Light, and she has assisted my Soul growth and healing in so many ways; it would be difficult to capture them all here. I have known Donna for a number of years, and it is my honor to recommend her services to others. "


"Donna's nurturing spirit has taught me to strive for harmony, balance, and attunement -- for myself and with others. Simply put, Donna has helped me become...a better person."


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