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Intuitive Counseling Services

FlowerLet Nature's Spirit Guide You

Aura – readings
Every living being gives off light- an Aura that can be read to give information on your cycle in life at the current time. Signals will be given to let you know what to expect and how to deal with the ups and downs of life. Chakras are the engine for this light. The glow around you has a very unique interpretation for you.

Guide talks
An opportunity to be introduced to the light around you that is helping you on a daily basis whether you recognize it or not. Over the years the number one question asked has been “What is my purpose here on earth”.

Intuitive Counseling
Support with your everyday relationships, decision-making, health issues, and where you are on your path using audible, visual and the sense of feeling technique.

Formal and informal talks are offered on subjects of spiritual growth, intuition, guides, chakras, auras, animal communication, understanding signs from you body and learning how to communicate with nature.

Pet Scanning
Looking at your pet’s aura to determine any health issues along with intuitive communication from your pet.

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